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Our company started gaining experience back in the year 1983 when a group of people with great hopes and ambitions joined forces in order to give free rein to their dreams. Later on, Invernaderos Europeos SLL was established thanks to said alliance.

OUR company started their operations with the construction of greenhouses and diverse metallic structures. Originally it all started with the design of the “Multi-tunnel” greenhouse model which with the different adjustments made over time, today is one of our best products in the market. What is it? This is a modular greenhouse built through a galvanized metallic structure of Z275 quality pursuant to the UNE-36130 regulations, which shapes a structure over which a covering material, usually a plastic material which is fixed and then forms a completely waterproof enclosure. In this type of greenhouse it is possible to control parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed etc. This model can also be used as Garden Center just as shown below.

Afterwards, along with the growth of the company, new greenhouse models adapted to all types of crops and financial means of our clients started to come out. This is how the new “dismountable” greenhouse model was created. This model is used for small crops and is able to adapt to any kind of product. Before the need of cultivating big surfaces for under greenhouses for products like strawberries and raspberries, our company turned to the development of the “macro-tunnel” greenhouse model which is patented in our country under N. P200202565-7. Our company currently has installations on hundreds of hectares of this greenhouse model throughout the country. This greenhouse has a light metallic structure used for any type of crop.

Today, given the acceptance of this type of greenhouse, our company exports to countries like Morocco, Argelia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Greece, Uruguay, Argentina and Dominican Republic.

A group of people with great hopes and ambitions joined forces in order to give free rein to their dreams. Later on, Invernaderos Europeos SLL was established thanks to said alliance.

THE LAST GREAT DESIGN of our firm is portrayed in the greenhouse model “Maravilla” which was introduced in the market in 2012, and which is today the most widely successful greenhouse among customers due to a great price-quality ratio. This greenhouse is able to perfectly adapt to the cultivation of products such as strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers and any other type of vegetable. It has a resistant metallic structure similar to the one in the “Multi-tunnel” greenhouse model. Today, the greenhouse model “maravilla” is being installed in countries such as Portugal and Spain. An important characteristic of this greenhouse is that it has the ability to control the inside temperature of the greenhouse by using thermal blankets that are able to prevent heat loss inside the greenhouse. The “Macro-tunnel” model as well as the “maravilla” greenhouse model are suited for growing in the soil and also for a cultivation system called hydroponic cultivation. This innovative growing method used the “PataClic” system created by engineers from our firm. This works by attaching a metallic foot and a duct over which a substrate, organic (coconut fiber) or inorganic (pearlite), is deposited. A relevant increase on production due to the best use of space is just one of the most relevant advantages.

Our team. Our mission.

For the design, manufacturing and assembly of all of our greenhouse models, our firm relies on its highly qualified staff. The team is formed by engineers, administrative staff, production technicians and greenhouse assembly technicians.

For the development of our greenhouses production process, our facilities of over 4000 square meters is equipped with the best and latest machinery for the manufacturing of all the components of the greenhouses. Some of the most important lines are the profiling and forming of galvanized barrels in our greenhouses, as well as an automatic welding robot. There is also a profiling line of the omega profile and a set of hydraulic presses, shearing and folding machine used for the manufacturing of all the assembling pieces of our greenhouses.

OUR MOST IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVES are the consolidation of our firm as leader in the national greenhouse construction industry and the progressive expansion toward new international markets in countries such as Georgia and zones like Central Europe or North Africa.

As a first step, our company has carried out climate studies and several visits to Georgia with qualified agricultural engineers. They came to the conclusion that the greenhouse model “Maravilla” is the most ideal one for growing in said country. For all those reasons we believe that Invernaderos Europeos SLL has a complex technological and human infrastructure that is able to meet the needs of all of our clients.

I had always thought that the investments implies millions and were never-ending. To my surprise, I had a finalized project before I expected.

Antonio C.
Enjoying his first greenhouse.

When I opened my eyes, I understood that the greenhouse that I had before me, was OURS. Tears of joy wanted to come out. Thank you!

Pilar R.
Innovating in her business

When professionalism and quality meet in order to put together a project. They installed our new greenhouse in no time. We are very proud of this investment.

Miguel S.
Renewing his modular greenhouse
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